Dr. Manjunath, Undoubtedly one of the foremost Violinists in Carnatic style, mesmerized the audience at Indian International Centre at New Delhi. Whether it is an elongated phrase or a staccato one, there will be precision… and a pinpoint one at that… his handling of the instruments is based on aesthetics, the sound emanating from their bowing, having a velvety instrumental sheen; such is the perfection.

The Statesman

Press Reviews

…. Audience felt that they had never before heard such a thrilling compendium of virtuosic technical mastery..

IOWA State Daily

..Undoubtedly the two great musicians Karnataka should be proud of Nagaraj & Manjunath rendered a very intricate Nadai pallavi with accurate and perfect grip over laya..

The Times of India

..Nobody has seen Heaven; nor have anybody returned from there and given an account of it. But when these two young Violin virtuosos unfolded the hidden beauty of Raga at the Madras Music Academy, one could visualize what heavenly music could be like!….

Subbudu in Dinamani

...The Invitation to Dr.Manjunath to perform at the International strings conference is an honor for the country..

The Hindu

…outstanding Hindustani – Carnatic Jugalbandhi concert by Pandith Vishwamohan bhat and Dr.Mysore Manjunath proved again that musicians of great caliber can take the concert to the great heights…”


…Amazing display of imagination…

Calcutta Times

…Brilliant Classical Violinist from India..

The Los Angeles Time

.. It was great privilege for Mysore music lovers attending Jugalbandhi concert by the two prodigious performers Pandith Vishwamohan bhat and Dr.Manjunath at Jaganmohan palace… Pandith Bhat remarded that Dr.manjunath is rich in imagination and virtuosity, faster than computer in response and one of the topmost violin players of the country…

The Star of Mysore

…Mysore Manjunath faced the musical tasks of the evening with a serious, focused demeanor that exemplified, even before his first sounds on the violin, Manjunath’s high musicianship….

Dr. Leslie C. Gay JR, Ph.D Department of Music; Texas A & M university

…an arresting virtuoso…